Architects design rooms, buildings and city landscapes and thus play an important role in shaping our daily lives. Being generalists they combine analytical thinking, creativity and technical understanding.

The undergraduate course in Architecture at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen provides a practical education. Students work on projects, go on field trips and survey existing buildings. In the department's design studio, computer rooms, model workshop and labs, students have the necessary facilities and modern technology to work on their projects.


Degree course contents include among others designing, the study of supporting structures, building materials, project management, management, law and infrastructure planning.

Current trends in the construction industry demonstrate that many building projects primarily involve the restoration, remodelling and conversion of existing buildings. In our architecture course students find creative solutions to ensure that buildings meet today's requirements in terms of design, energy consumption and technical facilities.

In addition students deal with the implementation of practical building projects and learn about the relevant planning, contracting, coordination and billing.

Preparatory Courses

Before the beginning of the semester THM offers one-week preparatory courses in subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Programming for new students who would like to brush up on their previous knowledge and fill in the gaps. A fee is charged for preparatory courses and students must register to take them.

Career options

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in Architecture can find careers in architecture firms, building authorities, companies, construction companies, building supplier firms, monument preservation or as freelance architects.