Civil engineers plan and complete building projects. The undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen offers the necessary foundations for this task by offering the right combination of theoretical education and practical training. Lectures are supplemented with field trips to interesting construction sites or large construction companies. It has become an established tradition to go on a trip abroad each year in the spring. In the department's labs and computer rooms students have the necessary facilities and modern technology to work on their projects.


Civil engineering students are in close contact with Architecture students. In the first year and a half, most of the lectures they take are the same. The goal of this course structure is to instil a better understanding between the two disciplines since architects and civil engineers work closely with each other in their careers. For this reason, students wishing to change their degree subject at the beginning of the course from one to the other can normally have their credits transferred to other degree course.

Students apply the theory they learn in their foundation subjects by taking part in the practical labs offered in the department.

Preparatory courses

Before the beginning of the semester THM offers one-week preparatory courses in subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Programming for new students who would like to brush up on their previous knowledge and fill in the gaps. A fee is charged for preparatory courses and students must register to take them.