These are active students who act as contact persons and work for the interests of the students. They participate in the faculty council meetings in which they make decisions together with elected members of the professors and employees. They support undergraduate, graduate and prospective students with questions about studying and organize the annual summer and winter festivals as well as the freshman-year's party. In addition, there are other joint leisure activities at our department at irregular intervals, such as: a trip to the wakeboarding facility or a ski vacation. New members are welcome to actively participate in the upcoming tasks. In the back rooms of our café in the south area the student council meetings take place and here you will find contact persons.


Rooms of the Student Council:

Department AEC
Südanlage 6
35390 Gießen


Aktive members:

Vera Blank Ron Demaj Tim Drissner
Tim Früchtenicht Nico Göhler Nils Hartmann
Kristopher Lange Lukas Mai Eva Mörtl
Alexander Müller Christopher Reuter Dominik Schmalz
Janick Stanzel    

Link to the Facebook-Website: