LUIGI, derived from "locus urbanus identitate Giessen" or "place of identity, self-knowledge and self-creation".

In the context of the rebuilding of a defunct building, the renewal of the Oberhessisches Museum, architectural issues relating to the topic of museum building are to be discussed in more detail and answers for them must be formulated for the location Giessen.

The history of the city of Giessen is closely linked to the development history of the university, which has been located for more than 400 years, so that it makes sense to exhibit and tell the story of city and university together.


Important is a critical examination of the place of construction and the former found building typology.

  • Is it useful in Giessen to reconstruct the lost Kollegiengebäude?
  • Should only the "footprint" be taken up?
  • Should the new architecture break away from the past and break new ground?
  • What can these new ways look like?
  • How does the form (architecture) correspond to the content (Museum of Urban and University History)?
  • Which requirements will be placed on city and space in the future?