You need your chip card with your Bib password and your Girocard with the associated PIN.

Please follow the instructions on the payment terminal display and take your fee receipt and Girocard receipt with you once you have made your booking.

Alternatively, you can also transfer the fees. Here are our bank details:

IBAN DE63 5005 0000 0001 0065 01
Please indicate as reference:
Gebühren Bibliothek 4400 1000
Your first and last name
Your chip card number

Please note that the reminder procedure will continue even after the payment of reminder fees that have accrued so far if the reminder medium is not returned.


Fees are due in the following cases:

 1st reminder  EUR 3.00
 2nd reminder (14 days after the 1st reminder)  EUR 3.00
 3rd reminder (14 days after the 2nd reminder)  EUR 6.00
 Delivery charges for 3rd reminder  EUR 5.60
Substitute ID card for alumni 20.00 EUR
media replacement EUR 15.00
administration fee
plus replacement costs for the book
interlibrary loan 2.00 EUR
Document Delivery Services depending on the delivery service

Borrowing from the library is free.