search literature on a specific topic , you can search for electronic and printed media (eBooks, eJournals, books, magazines, newspapers) in our THMfind . You will also find full-text articles from eBooks and eJournals as well as pure bibliographical references.

You can find more information about the search options in THMfind on our help pages .

Databases - DBIS (Database Information System)

You can use the database information system to find out which databases are available to you for researching articles in books and journals. In addition to bibliographical references, many databases also contain full texts. If the full text is not directly available in the database, you must then use our search portal THMfind to research whether the literature is available in the university library. If it is not available, you can order .

The licensed databases are accessible within the university or from outside VPN access


Our system provides you with an overview of the subject areas available in the library. The subject areas are identified by letter/number combinations under which you will find the corresponding books on the shelf.