the purchase order form to purchase media for the library or workplace using their THM user ID.

Pursuant to the university library’s acquisition concept, media is preferably purchased or licensed in electronic form. This acquisition concept ensures that THM members are supplied with literature regardless of location or time.

Who can order? THM employees
What can I order?

Books are always purchased as eBooks. You can also order a printed copy for your workplace. If it is not possible to provide it as an e-book, we will purchase a maximum of 2 printed editions for the university library. 1

Journals are always purchased as eJournals. If this is not possible, we subscribe to the printed edition for your workplace. 2

What are the costs and which cost center is charged?

Contrary to the prices for printed books, the prices for the provision of institutional licenses are not price-bound and must therefore be determined by us on a case-by-case basis. With the order confirmation you will receive feedback on the costs.

Please select your department cost center for academic writing when filling out the form or enter an alternative cost center that should be charged.

Depending on the cost center selected, the order is first sent to the relevant cost center manager for approval and then forwarded to the library.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

After completing the ordering process, you will receive a screen confirmation and an automatic email notification .

After your order has been processed, you will receive a personal notification by e-mail .

How long does delivery and processing in the library take?

Between one and several weeks, depending on availability at the supplier

The provision of institutional licenses by publishers usually takes a few working days or longer in the case of non-EU publishers.

In what form is the provision made?

Electronic media are generally available for use in the THM network or from outside .

We will send you printed books on loan. Please note the information on extensions .

You will receive copies to keep.

Will I receive information about the provision? As soon as the medium is available to you electronically or has been sent, you will receive a notification by e-mail .
How do I order? Via our purchase order form with your THM user ID

1 In addition to your workplace copy, we will acquire a maximum of two printed copies for the university library: a copy that can be borrowed and a reference copy, which is always available and from which the content can be scanned . We only acquire more than two printed editions for the university library in a few justified exceptional cases.

2 If your students need content from a print magazine that is at your workplace, you have the option of posting individual articles in Moodle .