The typesetting program LaTeX can be used for the publication of scientific results or for writing study and final theses that are to be designed professionally. LaTeX supports the layout process of documents - especially with extensive text and image material.

LaTeX is free and runs on the most common operating systems.

The lecture demonstrates how to work with the system and the possibilities it offers. The most important rules of typography are also briefly discussed. After that, the participants are able to start working with LaTeX.

These topics are in the foreground of the lecture:

  • Introduction to working with LaTeX
  • Mathematical Formulas
  • Integration of tables, figures and quotations
  • Functionality of cross-references to figures, tables and chapters
  • Convert existing texts to LaTeX
  • Interaction with other scientific programs, e.g. B. Mathematica and Citavi
  • Proposal for writing a thesis with LaTeX

The lecture is supplemented by a practical part with:

  • exercises
  • Your individual questions about LaTeX
  • Assistance with installing LaTeX

Target group:
THM university members

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Rainer Novender, formerly of the IEM department

Duration: 270 minutes