You can book workspaces in the library using our workspace booking system You must be in the campus network .

Who can book?
  • employees
  • students
What can I book?
  • Community table with team monitor (2 - 4 people)
  • individual workstations
  • Group study rooms (4 - 8 people)
  • scanner place
How long can I book?
  • Two bookings per day for a maximum of 3 hours each
What are the rules for booking?
  • the chip card number field, enter your chip card number (see the back of your chip card) and in the "First name/Last name" field, enter your first name and last name. Both fields are not displayed publicly.
  • If you break the rules, you will be banned from using the workplace booking system for one week. You will be informed about this by e-mail .
What rules apply on site?
  • Your workspace reservation expires 15 minutes after the start of the booked time.
  • The security service exercises domiciliary rights in the university library. What does that mean for you? The instructions of the security service are binding.
How do I book? You must be in the THM campus network book workplace booking system