You can make content (PDF files, etc.) available to your students in Moodle that is set according to the new Copyright Knowledge Society Act. Information on this can be found in §60a:

Instruction and teaching (UrhWissG § 60a)

  • Scope of content
    Up to 15 percent of a work may be uploaded to Moodle. Illustrations, articles from specialist journals and scientific journals, small works (text up to 25 pages, music and films up to 5 minutes in length) can be used in their entirety.
  • Types of work
    In principle, all types of work and all content covered by copyright protection can be used in Moodle.
    According to the wording of § 60a paragraph 3 UrhWissG, the following types of works
    are excluded - teaching materials for school lessons
    - film works, before the end of two years after the start of the usual exploitation in cinemas in Germany
    - computer programs and databases
    - press products (daily newspapers and kiosk goods)
  • Indication of author and source
    In principle, when a work is included in Moodle, the author and the source must be indicated. This obligation does not apply in exceptional cases if this information cannot be determined even after documented research.
  • Delimited part of participants and relation to the lesson
    The circle of those privileged according to § 60a is limited. The works and parts of works may only be made accessible to the specifically defined part of the course participants. The content may only be used by the students who are attending the course in question.
  • Duration of availability
    The duration of access for the user group is based on the duration of the semester in which the course is offered.

Integration of our e-media in Moodle

  • Please first research in THMfind or in a database licensed by the library.
  • If the desired eMedium is available, you can link to it from Moodle.