Together with you we design Your Customized Event for our fields of competence information and writing competence .

Are you studying at the THM?

We offer individual training for groups of 10 or more people. This can e.g. This could be, for example, a Citavi training course for a study group or a course for students who are writing their thesis and would like to find out more about Search in THMfind and in databases.

Alternatively, please use the possibilities of research or writing advice , in which individual Rat search de or small groups can be advised.

Are you a teacher at the THM?

We would be happy search you in your lecture, in order to give your students e.g. B. Citavi or our e-media offer. These exemplary events have already been realized:

  • Research in databases and use of the literature management program Citavi - integrated into the research methodology module for students of the distance learning center (Master Logistics, Master Industrial Engineering, Master Facility Management, 4th semester each)
  • Literature research and Citavi - integrated into the module Introduction to Scientific Work for students of the Department of Economics (Bachelor of Business Administration, 3rd semester)

Do you lead a degree program or are you responsible for curriculum development?

The university library awards credit points within the framework of courses. The following modules were z. B. already developed:

  • Working techniques and information competence (module MA5103, Bachelor of Business Mathematics)
  • Methods/scientific work and information skills (module MALG02, Bachelor of Logistics Management)

Are you a teacher and would like to organize a guided tour of the library for your school class?

We plan events for schools within the university offerings studying and THM4U . Please contact the contact person named for the respective program.

Don't you belong to any of these groups?

Please contact us with your ideas and questions.