Guidance system for blind people 2.0

Pedestrian navigation with centimetre precision

The electronic RFID based guidanceThe electronic RFID based guidancesystem for blind people combinesnavigation to a specified POI with centimetre precision and detailed information about the surrounding.A shopping tour, a visit to the museum, the orientation in public buildings like authorities or hospitals- all that can be possible through the system.

Advantages at a glance:

  • pedestrian navigation withcentimetre precision
  • Access to information about thesurrounding like opening hours,timetables, etc.
  • simple installation


  • RFID tags are implemented in orunder the base plates of the floor,on which a unique ID is stored
  • With a special white cane, the userscans the floor in front. If the whitecane meets a tag, a RFID reader integrated into the stick reads the ID of the tag and sends it via Bluetooth to a smartphone.
  • An accessible app links the ID ofthe tag with information stored ina database and provides these tothe user via speech output.