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Independent Power Supplies for Buildings [E2G626]
Application areas of independent power supplies, diesel generators, cogeneration plants, uninterruptible power supplies, secondary power supply.


Sales Management [S110]
Key Points of effective negotiation and sales techniques based on examples (i.e preparation for difficult negotiations and sales discussions, influencing the discussion and negotiation climate, developing a line of argumentation and proof)


Economics [S109]

Macro economics
- Growth and distribution of wealth
- Economic cycles and stability
- National accounts
- „Magische Viereck“ (Magic Square)
- Basics of economic policy

- Price formation in differing market structures


Reliability of electrical Systems [W105]
Reliability models and calculation methods, minimal cut method, Markov model, Monte Carlo simulation, reliability data and parameters, outage frequency, outage duration, MTBF, MTTF, statistical determination of parameters, distribution functions, application to electronic circuits and power systems