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Selection of Electric Motors for Different Applications [E629]
Characteristics and operational behavior of different types of motors, operating characteristics in open and closed loop control.


Drive Applications in Automation Technology [E604]
Composition and structure of automation systems, drive types in automation, encoders, communication, drive dimensioning, laboratory experiments with drives from different manufacturers.


Application Oriented Methods of Numerical Signal Processing [E624]
Description of the transmission behavior of technical processes using transfer functions and differential equations. Transition from differential equations to difference equations using z-transform. Sampled time series analysis using Fourier transformation, correlation and power density. Identification of parameters for technical processes for single and multivariable systems. Determination of process parameters by using smoothing parabolas. Design and implementation of digital filters with different characteristics. Computer-based exercises on the topics covered.


Antenna Technology [E2G615]
Description of elementary antennas in electromagnetic fields, Maxwell's equations and Poynting isotropy, wave propagation, omnidirectional antennas and directional antennas, antenna matching, planning and calculation of small cellular radio systems and microwave links, large broadcast radio transmitters.


Project work [E2G243]
Independent work on a practical topic or in a special technical seminar with final presentation.


Up-date on Key Qualifications [E2G250]
Current topics and issues relating to key qualifications.


Dimensioning of Electrical Drives [E616]
Fundamentals of kinematics, presentation of kinematic diagrams. Fundamentals of kinetics with calculation of the mass moment of inertia of technically applied bodies. Calculation methods for determination of drive power and torque of applications such as traction drive, spindle drive, rotary table and piston pump drive. Selection of appropriate motor types and sizes for specified applications. Dimensioning of DC smoothing capacitors and the braking resistance of frequency converters in the generator mode. Computerized selection of motors for specified applications.