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Design of Circuit Boards and Devices [E2G416]
Approach to product development, passive and active components, design and manufacture of printed circuit boards &assemblies, heat management and cooling, reliability / quality, safety devices, electromagnetic interference, personal and environmental protection. Labwork: Getting familiar with a PCB CAD/CAE system and its functional elements.


Digital Image Processing [W103]
Image, noise, orthoimage, types of filters, transformations, similarity, objects, optical setup, illumination, resolution, camera


Vocational Training Course [E901]
Practical course of 13 weeks in industry.


Vocational Training Course Seminar (with Presentation) [E902]
Public presentation of the vocational training work.


Bus Systems for Automation [E2G606]
Fundamentals of fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet systems. Presentation of important protocols such as CANopen and EtherCAT. Practical exercises in configuration and analysis of selected protocols.


Business Management - right of co-determination [S102]
Introduction to industrial law, including both the individual and collective aspects as well as training in managerial functions for dealing with employees.


Project Management Techniques [S100]
management techniques, swot-analysis, structure of companies