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Computer Aided Engineering [E2G608]
2D systems, 3D Systems 1, 3D systems 2, generation techniques, kinematic simulation and finite elements, post processing and rapid prototyping.


Chemical Basics for Power Engineering [E2G801]
atomic structure, chemical bonding, ideal gas law, heat of reaction, combustion processes, reaction kinetics, carbon dioxide balance, noxious emission and avoidance, electrolytes (dilute aqueous solution, acids), electrochemistry


Computer Networks 1 [E2G621]
Communication protocols and network architecture, IP addressing and principles of static and dynamic routing protocols, LAN technologies. Laboratory: Design and configuration of networks.


Computer Networks 2 [E2G622]
Switching technologies, VLAN, WLAN, WAN (PPP, HDLC, FR). Administration of services such as ( NAT, DHCP, ACL). Laboratory: Configuration of networks and services.