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Digital Systems Engineering [E2B111]
Number systems, coding, Boolean algebra, combinational circuits, flip-flops, sequential circuits, logic families, interfacing, complex digital systems, programmable logic.


Digital Communication Technology [E2G310]
Baseband transmission, Nyquist criterion, equalization, decoding, multiplexing and multiple access techniques, digital modulation techniques, error protection encoding, spread spectrum encoding, digital receiver techniques, calculating power efficiency: signal to noise ratio, etc.


Digital Subscriber Line [E632]
Fundamentals of modern telecommunication networks, physical layer (DSL, FTTx, PDH, SDH, WDM, OTH), data Link Layer (HDLC, PPP, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 40 / 100M Ethernet Gigabit LAN links, carrier-grade Ethernet), network layer (IPv4, ICMP, IPv6, routing and forwarding, router architectures, traffic engineering, QoS and DiffServ), shim Layer (MPLS, MPLS-TE, MPLS services, MPLS FRR).


Data Analysis and Data Mining [M220]
Methods and procedures for collection and storing, processing and depiction of data from different data sources as well as statistical procedures.