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Electronic Drive Technology [E2G412]
Introduction, DC drives, AC and servo drives, compact drives, bus-capable intelligent drive systems, network reactions of modern drives.


Power Systems and Control Technology [W104]
Modeling and parameters of power network elements, load flow analysis and control, FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems), voltage control, reactive power and its compensation, static and dynamic stability, distributed generation, reliability, power quality


Electrical Energy Supply [E2G609]
Equipment, networks, network protection, short circuit calculations, load flow calculation and dimensioning of equipment for electrical power supply within the voltage levels of 110 kV, 20 kV, 0,4 kV, practical training (safeguarding, short circuit calculation, three-phase current transmission).


Energy law and standards [E2G804]
legal basics of energy economics, relevant standards of energy economics, regulation of grid operation (market entry, grid access, grid connection, grid usage fee), German energy act, heat and power act, legal questions of grid expansion, technical specification for connection of power plants


Electronic Systems in the Automotive Industry [E625]
System architecture, sensors and actuators in cars, development concepts in the automotive industry.


Electronics [E2G114]
Passive components, semiconductors, resistors, active components, characteristics, temperature and noise behaviour, basic circuits, power supply circuits, amplifiers, operational amplifiers and their applications, first-order filters, transistors as switches, flip-flops, circuit simulation using PSpice or MultiSim.


Electrical Engineering 1 [E2B101]
Current, voltage, resistance, circuit diagrams / equivalent circuit diagrams, dc networks, equivalent sources, network analysis, star-delta conversion. AC circuits: Sinusoidal voltages / currents, complex AC circuit analysis, vector diagrams for R, L, C. Resonance effects, resonant circuits.


Electrical Engineering 2 [E2B102]
Electric field, equipotential surfaces, Coulomb’s law, capacitance, magnetic fields, Gauss’s law, magnetic circuit, inductance, time-varying electromagnetic field, law of induction. Self-inductance, applications: motors, generators, transformers, switching behavior of L and C.


Electrical Engineering 3 [E2G103]
Energy and power with AC voltage, three phased alternating current, power generation and power supply systems, generators, transformers, electric drive systems / motors.


Electrical Machines [E2G404]
Theory of DC machines, basics of three-phase machines, three- and single-phase asynchronous motors, standard and permanent-field synchronous machines.


Electromagnetic Compatability [E2G420]
EMI Sources and interference models, EMC/EN-legislation &Specifications, test equipment and methods, Electro-magnetic spectra of digital pulses (Fourier), layout structures vs. EM fields and radiation, PCB design for low EMI, filters, shielding, cabling. Labwork: EMC-Compliance measurements of Devices to CE-Standards (ESD, Burst, RF/GTEM Cell), experiments to EMI effects on printed circuit boards, effect of filters and shielding.


Energy Economics [E2G803]
primary-, secondary-, end- and effective energy, energy contents, reserves and resources, power and energy balance, time adjustable load profiles, standard load profiles, annual load curve, liberalized energy market, unbundling, responsibilities of grid operators, energy taxes


Project work [E2G242]
Independent work on a practical topic or in a special technical seminar with final presentation.


Advanced Embedded Systems [W100]
Embedded System Design Process, Embedded system hardware, Structure and run time of embedded system software, Hardware/software partitioning and power consumption, Evaluation and validation, Development and test environments, Practical work with evaluation boards and sensors / actuators


Introduction to business ethics [S105]

- Developing an understanding of tensions between business and ethics
- Understanding the development of business ethics in a globalized economy
- Introduction to basics of contemporary moral philosophy in business
- Application of business ethics principles to a real world case study