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Solid State Electronics [P102]
Physics of Semiconductors, Schrödinger equation, energy bands, carrier concentration and transport, pn junctions, photonic devices and sensors, bipolar transistors, MOSFET, technology, organic semiconductors, nanoelectronics.


Fundamentals of FPGA Design using VHDL [E2G613]
Design of complex digital system using hardware description languages (HDLs), Introduction to VHDL, design levels and design data flow architectures, process and structure, simulation and synthesis projects with FPGA target-systems.


Wireless Systems and Mobile Communication Technologies [E2G314]
Mobile wireless channels, wave propagation effects and models, fading, receiver concepts, antennas, system aspects: cellular concept, link budget, QoS in wireless systems, wireless network planning and optimization. Current examples of systems (IEEE 802.X, GSM / UMTS). Labwork: simulation and measurement of wireless systems (Physical layer and system level), air interface measurements.


Frequency Converters [E2G601]
Introduction, components of frequency converters, voltage source inverters, current source inverters, problems of inverter technology.


Advanced Analog Circuits [W106]
Advanced Analog Circuit Design, ADC- and DAC - circuits: Nyquist-/Oversampling-/Noise-Shaping converters,
dc and ac-converter parameters, converter modeling and simulation techniques
Noise in circuits, modeling and simulation,
OPAMP circuits: integrated