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Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics [E2G628]
Infinite sequences and series, convergence criteria, power series, Taylor series, trigonometric and Fourier series, interpolation via polynomials and cubic splines, introduction to vector analysis.


Basic Lab Work [E2G115]
Experiments in the fields of measurement technology and electronics. Part 1: Fundamentals of measurment technology, Part 2: Measurement technology with simple electronic circuits, Part 3: Complex electronic circuits.


Basics in technical thermodynamics [E2G802]
basics in open and closed systems, state and process variables, mass balance of open systems, energy balance, Bernoulli equation, entropy and irreversibility of real processes, ideal cycle processes (Carnot, Joule, Diesel, Sterling), technical realisation of cycle processes, basics in heat transport


Fundamentals of VLSI Design [E2G418]
History, MOSFET, CMOS process, circuit design, array structures, basic analogue circuits.