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High Frequency Technology [E2G302]
High frequency behaviour of passive components, bipolar and field effect transistors at medium and high frequencies, feedback, frequency response, oscillators, active filter circuit design, HF power amplifiers, analogue modulation / modulators, receiver principles.


Advanced Software Engineering [P104]
UML, Design Patterns, Threads, Semaphors, Exception handling


Advanced Feedback Control [P103]
- State space description, control and voltage generation
- Model based control, fieldoriented control
- Adaptive controllers,
- Models of drive systems
- Efficiency and system measurements


Technology and Design of High-Speed Circuits [E2G602]
Design of high speed digital circuits (so called high tech/high speed circuits as multilayer PCBs with impedance controlled layer construction and trace topology/termination). Design, simulation and optimization of a fast digital board using a template with help of a CAE/CAD tool.