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Intercultural Communication [S107]
Students deal with and discuss various definitions of intercultural communication and culture aswell as stereotypes, they are introduced to the most important IC theories (Hall, Hofstede, etc.) and apply these in simulated multicultural situations in which potential cultural conflicts may occur.


Industrial Energy Supply [E609]
Equipment, networks, network protection, short circuit calculations, load flow calculation and dimensioning of equipment, practical training.


Computer Science for Engineers 1 [E2B109]
Software engineering (phase model), simple data types, variables, number representation, algorithms, with emphasis on technical applications programming, compiler, assembler, linker, debugger, introduction to programming, input and output, arrays, functions.


Computer Science for Engineers 2 [E2B110]
Function calls, in-depth presentation of arrays, pointers, dynamic memory management, file operations, complex data structures, loops, programming, C++ as an extension of C, Introduction to object orientation, input / output operators, dynamic memory management in C++.


Innovation Management [S101]
Basic knowledge of innovation management in a business environment, applying constructive methods, structuring techniques and assembly procedures. Interdisciplinary relationships and dependencies of innovation management to other disciplines such as controlling


Industrial Communication [W102]
Industrial Ethernet technique (e.g. EtherCAT, PROFINET, MODBUS / TCP), installation, start-up and testing of communication.


Project work [E2G241]
Project (where applicable in team work) or seminar on selected topics from information and communication technology in small groups with a presentation from the areas: signal processing, information transmission, communication systems, optical and digital communications.


Intelligent Sensor Systems [M232]
Design of intelligent sensor systems, analog and digital signal condition, AD conversion, data transmission, behavior of sensor systems, applications, lab


Information Transmission [E2G304]
Transmission line theory, transmission line types, normalized waves and S-parameters, Smith chart and matching problems, wave equations, plane waves, noise, laboratory: consolidation of knowledge with practical work, experiments and computer simulations.


Scientific Presentation in German [S112]
Presentation of a scientific topic in german


Scientific presentation in english [S113]
Presentation of a scientific topic in english


Technical Software Project [E2G635]

Recapitulation of OOP-Basic; Design of memberfunctions; Use of Templates; Standard Template Library; Design Patterns; Software Project