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Artificial Intelligence für Electrical Engineers [E2G623]
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Supervised/ Unsupervised Learning, Feature selection, Neural networks, Support Vector Machine, Algorithms


Complex Digital Architectures [W101]
VHDL introduction, Programmable logic devices, VHDL synthesis of combinational and sequential circuits, VHDL description of I/O interfaces, SOPC development (System on a Programmable Chip), NIOS II processor hardware/software design, Practical work with evaluation boards


Communication Systems 1 [E2G306]
Fundamentals (services, protocols, layer model, mediation principles, QoS), media access control and link layer (IEEE 802.X, HDLC). Network layer: IP addressing and routing protocols. Introduction to the transport layer. Transmission techniques. Laboratory: Experiments / exercises on network configuration, routing and protocol analysis in local area networks and the Internet, setting up small wireless and mesh networks.


Communication Systems 2 [E2G308]
TCP, protocol design and development methodology, information security, traffic theory, streaming protocols. Laboratory: Experiments concerning selected protocols.