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Advanced Mathematics [P100]
vector analysis: scalar and vector fields, gradient, conservative vector fields, curl and divergence, surface integrals, theorems of Green, Stokes and Gauß, numerical methods: systems of non-linear equations, numerical treatment of differential equations, probability theory: discrete and continuous distributions, statistical tests: χ2-test


Mathematics 1 [E2B104]
Logic, sets and numbers. Vector and matrix calculus, functions, differential and integral calculus of one variable. Sequences, series, Taylor and power series.


Mathematics 2 [E2B105]
Differential and integral calculus of several variables. Linear ordinary differential equations, transformations.


Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields [P101]
Basics (grad, div, rot), Maxwell's Equations, stationary and static fields (electro static field, magneto static field, stationary current field), quasistationary electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic waves


Microcomputer Systems [E2G414]
Integrated development systems, development of small application projects for sensors and actuators with timer / counters, analogue to digital converters, pulse-width modulation, parallel and serial bus interfaces.


Modelling of Discret Event Systems [M222]
Description, analysis and simulation of systems by petri nets and comparable techniques.


Pattern Recognition [M221]
Hough transformationen and RANSAC, statistical decision theory, Fourier-descriptors, classifiers and learning strategies, neural networks, sequential data analysis, hidden Markov models.


Measurement Technology [E2B113]
Units, measurement principles and deviations, static and dynamic behaviour of measurement systems, error analysis, regression analysis. Analogue measurement: current, voltage and resistance measurement procedures, AC variables, power, time and frequency measurement procedures, analogue oscilloscope, digital measurement methods: analogue to digital converters, digital storage oscilloscope, digital multimeter, bridges, power supply units.


Microprocessor Technology [E2G112]
Structure, function and classification of micro-computers, processors and other components, software development tools, basic techniques of assembly language programming, C / assembler interface, development of micro-computer solutions for specified requirements, program development and emulation of typical microcomputer applications.


Mixed Signal IC-Design [E2G614]
CAD tools for analog circuit design, technology for analog devices, basic analog circuits, operational amplifiers, MOS transistors as analog switches, ADC and DAC, PLL.