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Ergonomics [E2G118]
Requirements of people in modern work systems, work systems design versus motivation and performance, modern forms of work: teamwork, responsibility, autonomy.


Working and Learning Methods [E2G116]
Working and learning methods: mnemonics, self-motivation and self-management, structuring techniques: literature analysis and review, development of subdivisions.


Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre [E2G251]
Introduction, markets and customers, companies, financial accounting, leadership.


English for Electrical Engineers [E2G257]
Training in all four language skills with a focus on technical topics and vocabulary relevant to the contents of the study program. Business communication skills.


Introduction to Quality Project Management [E2G258]
Phase models, project planning: organization, structure, process, financing, risk, plan optimization. project implementation, project monitoring.


International Marketing and Sales [E2G253]
Deeper insights into the various areas of the marketing process with emphasis on B2B. Practical examples in applying theoretical content


Introduction to Quality Management [E2G255]
Fundamentals of quality control, quality management systems, statistical framework for random sampling, documentation of quality processes.


Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz (Arbeits-, Patent- und Vertragsrecht) [E2G259]
Employment and contract law in general terms. Overview of commercial legal protection and copyright law, with emphasis on patent law and employee inventions law.


Study Methodology and Lifestyle [E2G119]
Competences required for the planning of studies and entry into professional life are addressed, such as: risks and opportunities, self-organization, time management, private study, team work, professional communication, managing conflicts, strategies for solving problems, how companies function


Technical Documentation, Presentation Techniques [E2G117]
Technical documentation / presentation skills: structure of a technical report: text, graphics, layout, operating instructions and manuals, presentation techniques: slides, PowerPoint, Metaplan.


Environmental Protection and Recycling [E2G256]
Environmental aspects, solid waste treatment, pollutants, processing technologies for old electric/electronic devices, water / waste water, air pollution control, wood recycling and district heating concepts, student presentations on environmental topics, outings to recycling or environmental plants.


Sensor Technology [E2G610]
Fundamentals of sensors, inductive and capacitive sensors, linear and angular measurement, CMOS / CCD image sensors, 3D Image Sensors, applications and application areas, sensor interfaces, criteria for practical use.


Smart Grids and Energy Storages [E2G806]
components of decentralised and intelligent energy systems, effects on existing power grids, forecast of load and supply of renewable energy sources, communication within smart grids, ancillary services for smart grids, optimizsation techniques for smart grid applications, virtual power plants, energy monitoring, energy storage technologies, energy conversion and coupling of multi-energy smart grids, smart home applications


Signal Processing [E2G203]
Sampling and quantization, discrete signals and systems, Discrete Fourier transform, windowing techniques, digital filters (FIR and IIR filters).


Numerical Device Simulation [V100]
TCAD simulation of semiconductor devices and processes using a 2D/3D finite-element simulation tool.