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Technical Acoustics for Live Sound [E2G631]
Basic principles of public address systems: Components for generating and processing audio signals and its conversion into acoustic waves; room acoustics and the phenomenon of hearing.


Technology and Devices of Microelectronics [E2G603]
Fundamentals of semiconductor physics, integrated circuit technology, process integration, structure and properties of integrated devices (BJT and MOSFET), FEM simulation.


Technical mechanics [E2G206]
Forces, moments, bearings, center of gravity of technical bodies, friction, kinetics, moments of inertia, theory of stress and strain, mechanical oscillations.


Selected Subjects of Power Engineering [E2G632]
seminar (students aquire self dependent a selected subject, present it and are prepared for a discussion) e.g. about High.voltage direct-current transmission, storage technologies, superconductivity, alternative power generation, nuclear fusion, flexible-AC-transmission systems, smart grids, smart metering, controllable local grid transformers


Technology in Space [E2G501]
Satellite technology/satellite subsystems (structural mechanics, energy supply systems, thermal control, propulsion systems, attitude and orbital control, data management, data transfer and communication), development methodology for technology in space (environmental effects, radiation, reliability, material properties, simulation, test and verification)


Transformations [E2G106]
Fourier series, Fourier transform, spectra, Laplace transform, system function, impulse response, frequency response, stability, Bode diagram.