Registration and deadlines

During the following time periods, a registration for the summer term’s exams via E-Campus is possible. Further information on the registration process can be obtained here: "How do I register for exams?"

Exam registration: May 1, 2024 - June 21, 2024

Registration for SRW modules: March 6 - March 31, 2024

Please bear in mind to always have evidence concerning your registration or deregistration activities in form of a printout. Should any problems arise during online registration, please get in touch with our department’s secretary’s office.

Online registration will be open to you up until one week before each exam. For example, you can deregister until Monday, July 13, for an exam that takes place on Tuesday, July 21.

These modules for your major are being held in an annual rhythm and will only be opened for online registration if they are held in the current semester. If you would like to take an exam in one of the modules for your major – while they are NOT being held in the current semester – please get in touch with our department’s secretary’s office.

In case of sickness
Since June 1, 2014, all THM students have to adhere to the “university-wide procedure concerning the withdrawal from an exam due to illness” and make use of the prewritten medical certificate ("Ärztliches Attest").