As per statute, paragraph 5 (financing), the Association for Promotion of Electrical Engineering receives an annual membership fee from its regular members from the engineering departments of Middle Hesse University of Applied Sciences. This fee is utilized for purposes that are in accordance with criteria specified by the statute.

Following the decision of the general meeting, this annual membership fee is €20,–. During the year of their degree program examinations as well as the following calendar year, the fee is reduced to €10,– for studying members and graduates. The fee is €250,– for company members.

If justified, a request for reduced membership fees may be accepted by the executive committee in special cases. The fee is halved for memberships starting after June 30th of the current calendar year.

The fee is due in January 1st of the respective calendar year, equivalent to the association’s legal year. If a direct withdrawal has not been designated, the membership fee is to be transferred by our members at the due date. The fee is tax-deductible insofar as the Association for Electrical Engineering is officially recognized as a charitable association by the taxation authority Giessen.