Student council

When someone speaks of the student council, it is generally in reference to the active student council members; active in the sense that these members have offered themselves as candidates and got elected. The student council therefore consists of elected students from our department and serves as the go-to place for their fellow students' questions and requests. The members are elected annually. Our council's meetings are open for anyone and are held during consultation hours.

Members of the student council, also simply referred to as "Fachschaft" (student body) by our German students, provide information to those interested in studying, first semester students as well as students of higher semesters and offer help related to all aspects of their university studies. The students council also organizes the annual summer festival and the graduation party in collaboration with our department.

New members ready to take on responsibility and additional tasks are always welcome. This commitment is also of interest for many companies and organizations.

Our department board, examination committee and decentralized allocation committee partly consist of students, too. In these boards and committees, decisions about current matters and developments are made. Students interested in contributing are invited to contact our student council. 

In addition the student council has an Moodle-Link, where the members provide information about dates and many documents for download.


Oleg is a student of the Bachelor's program Automation Engineering and part of our department's student council - something he would everyone advise to join as well:

kommasAs a member of the department's student council, you gain useful insider knowledge of university politics!

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