kommasWe began our day in classic American fashion: on the shooting range, followed by burger-eating.


After a total of 11 hours of flight, including an intermediate stop in Iceland, I arrived in Newark, New York at 19:00 – or, as the Americans say, 7 pm – without any problems. The flight was very pleasant, and today’s entertainment media available in air planes alleviate any boredom: films, music, ... After my arrival, a chauffeur from B. Braun picked me up and drove me to Allentown, approximately 1.5 hours west from Newark.

Having arrived at my apartment, I also got to meet at once my roommate who’s also a trainee for B. Braun. Our company provides us with an apartment that is about 80 m² large – including two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bath, and a living room. Besides the apartment, we share a car that we are allowed to use for work and shopping, as well as extracurricular activities and trips during the weekend. Without a car, one would be entirely lost here. Everything is so far apart from each other that a car is a must-have – the public transfer services are simply insufficient.

SchießenOn my first day, I got to meet even more of my fellow countrymen. We began our day in classic American fashion: on the shooting range, followed by burger-eating. Coincidentally, I also happened to meet one of my future co-workers who’s from Fritzlar, Northern Hesse region (about 6 km away from my hometown). Since I gathered first impressions of what American culture is like and since I also got to make acquaintance with people from my home country, my first day was a huge success.

Before my internship abroad, I always hoped that I would not meet as many German speakers, so I would be forced to communicate in English and learn more about this language. Retrospectively speaking, however, I’m lucky that I got so much support in my mother language on my very first day abroad, so that I had no problem gathering the most important information and useful tips concerning my internship.

Now, only one big question mark remains: What will my first days at work be like? What are my tasks and how do I spend my lunch break? More on this in my next post. See you soon!