Digital Image Processing, Photonics and Microelectronics

The Hesse region is known for its high amount of companies from the optics and optoelectronics industries. Correspondingly, most of the subjects covered by our “Digital Image Processing, Photonics and Microelectronics” research group focus on the optoelectronical field.

Starting from 2018, the first mass-produced automobiles without a steering wheel are to be approved by the German government. For years, our research group has been developing optical sensors for positioning and speed measurements based on filter procedures for spatial frequencies as used in automobiles etc. With regards to this, we – together with our students involved in the development – were already granted several patents. Extra opto-ASICs have been developed specifically for certain parts of the electronics.

Furthermore, our research group is concerned with the development of ASICs and neural networks. A new focus lies on sensor technologies for the diagnostics of plasma satellite thrusters.

Our research group has also been involved in several PhD / Doctor’s programs.