Within the working group, several commercial software tools for the simulation of microelectronic components are present. A Linux High-Performance Cluster is used for computations. Software packages such as QuantumATK, TCAD, Cadence, and Matlab are used for developing, simplifying, and implementation of the physical model equations in Verilog-A. A wafer prober measurement station with a parameter analyzer enables contacting and metrological characterization of integrated components under the microscope.

QuantumATK Atomistic Simulation Solution (Synopsys)
QuantumATK atomic-scale modeling software enables the physical and chemical properties of interfaces (contacts, junctions), nanostructures, electronic devices, etc. at the atomic level. QuantumATK provides a platform to develop advanced semiconductor technology and simulate properties of new materials, i.e., electronic, structural, etc. and their influence on new device performance before experimental data is available.

TCAD Sentaurus (Synopsys)
Commercial tool for three-dimensional FEM simulation of microelectronic components. It allows the simulation of the manufacturing process (process simulation) and the electrical performance (device simulation). The tool often provides the basis for the interpretation of the device’s physics and corresponding physical effects. During the courses "Nanoelectronics" (ELI Bachelor’s degree program) and "Device Simulation" (EIT Master’s program), students gain insight into the software.

Cadence Design Framework
Commercial tool for the design and simulation of complex integrated circuits. Using the Verilog-A interface, compact models can be used for circuit simulations.

IC-CAP (Keysight)
Commercial tool for extracting model parameters from measurements or simulations. This Verilog-A compact model can be adjusted to measurement data of collaboration partners or FEM simulations.

Waferprober Cascade RF-1 with analyzer parameters Keysight B1500
Tester (DC and AC) to contact substrates under a microscope (to 6 inches). Thus, the characterization of individual integrated devices is possible without their contacts and housing.

High-performance Linux cluster
The three-dimensional simulation of the electrical performance of individual components often takes hours or even several days. As a countermeasure, we provide a computing cluster with 128 cores.

DIMATIX Material Printer DMP-2831
Printer for organic transistors.

Access to Mentor Graphics Design Framework, MATLAB, LabView
Software tools for mathematical calculations and investigation of mathematical/physical results.