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The 15th edition of the ICOE - International Conference on Organic Electronics, organized by the University of Hasselt, took place in Hasselt (Belgium) from 24 to 28 June.

The ICOE has become an important conference in the field of organic materials research, dedicated to the state-of-the-art organic electronics research. Scientists from universities, institutes and industry present and discuss fundamental aspects of organic materials. Ideas about new materials, technologies and future applications of organic materials are going to be exchanged.

 Ph.D. student Jakob Prüfer from the research group nanoelectronics/device modeling (go.thm.de/dmrg) presented his results on modeling of effects in organic transistors with short channel lengths.

Hasselt is the capital of the province Limburg and is located geographically in the northeast of Belgium. The 75,500 inhabitants enjoy a car-free zone, which offers a large selection of restaurants, bars, and cafés. Hasselt is a popular place for fashion and culture enthusiasts.

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