Summer is always a busy period for the Device Modeling and Research Group (DMRG). Workshops, conferences, posters, presentations and all those in different countries all around the world.

From September 23rd to 27th the 49th European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC) and the 45th European Solid-State Circuit Conference (ESSCIRC) took place in Cracow, Poland. A fascinating event which its professional atmosphere has opened the possibility of exchange and interaction among technologists, experts and outstanding young researchers from remarkable companies and universities.

In total there were 345 papers from 37 countries submitted for this conference and the selected ones were presented in 40 sessions. From DMRG-team Prof. Alexander Klös and one of his PhD candidates, Atieh Anita Farokhnejad were among the participants in the ESSDERC-ESSCIRC. Anita Farokhnejad had the opportunity to present her recent work on evaluation of static/transient performance of TFET inverter regarding device parameters in “Modeling of Trap Effects and Noise” session (Link to the published paper). She could receive some feedbacks from experts and also discuss her model and results with other researchers and scientists.

Apart from the core activities of the conference there were also some social activities and gathering focusing on the gender balance at engineering working environment. “It is quite stunning and of course inspiring listening to the stories of female collaborators with different nationalities working in leading positions oversee, to see that we are all going through the same path to achieve our goals and facing the same challenges and learn how to deal with them!” said Anita.

Another highlight of ESSDERC-ESSCIRC was the gala dinner which was served in the Wieliczka Salt Mine 125 meters under the ground! Going down over 300 wooden stairs, exploring mysterious corners of the mine and the amazing salty St. Kinga’s Chapel, and then to be indulged with live music and delicious dishes of polish cuisine…