DMRG-Team presents research work in Tarragona

b Tarragona 1 min

In July 2019, the members of the device modeling and research group (DMRG) had the possibility to attend three consecutive events at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) in Tarragona, Spain.

On the 9th and 10th of July, there was a workshop with the title CAD-TFT. The main topic of this workshop was the computer aided development and characterization of thin-film transistors, which are for instance used in screens. The two doctoral students Jakob Prüfer and Jakob Leise had the chance to present their work at this workshop. Furthermore, Jakob Prüfer presented the current research results by Dr. Ghader Darbandy, who could not be there personally. Aristeidis Nikolaou, who will enroll in the doctoral programme at the URV, also attended the workshop.

On Thursday, the 11th of July, there was an EDS mini colloquium which was sponsored and organized by the IEEE. In addition to Jakob Prüfer and Jakob Leise, the doctoral students Anita Farokhnejad, Fabian Horst and Kerim Yilmaz travelled to Tarragona and attended the mini colloquium as well. The focus of this mini colloquium was on the modeling and production of thin, flexible electronics.

On Friday, the 12th of July, there was the annual graduate students meeting on Electronics Engineering (GSM). At this event, Anita Farokhnejad, Fabian Horst and Jakob Leise held oral presentations about their recent research work. Jakob Prüfer and Kerim Yilmaz presented their work at a poster session. During the GSM not only doctoral students presented their work, but also some invited speakers.

In addition to the interesting presentations there was also time for discussion about the recent work with the URV professors. Furthermore, the beautiful city of Tarragona was a perfect place for walks with nice panoramas.

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b GSM Poster Jakob Prfer
b GSM Poster Kerim Yilmaz