Besides the equipment of our Nanoelectronics/Device Modeling Research Group, including tools for network and device simulations and wafer prober measurement stations, the laboratory is also equipped with devices for coating and printing of “printed electronics” materials.

Material Printer DIMATIX DMP-2831
A DIMATIX material printer allows for the printing of functional ink based on the Inkjet principle (circa 30 µm resolution). Pathways and electrodes can be printed via silver filled ink or conductive polymer such as PEDOT:PSS, active device components can be printed via ink of organic semiconductors.

SUSS MicroTec Spin Coater LapSpin6 TT
A spin coater allows for the spinning of thin and consistent coating for various substrata. This is necessary for applications such as the manufacturing of thin dielectric material in OFET to maintain low operating voltages.

01A Organ
02A Organ
03A Organ

Reflectometer NanoCalc-XR
This is a measurement device utilized to determine the thickness of multi-layered coating (measurement range: 10 nm – 100 µm). The measurement of coatings produced via spin coating or printing is thus rendered possible.

IC-CAP (Keysight)
Commercial tool for the extraction of model parameters based on measurements and simulations. With it, Verilog A compact models can be adjusted to measurement data from collaboration partners or finite element method simulations.

Wafer prober Cascade RF-1 with Keysight B1500 parameter analyzer
Measurement station (AC and DC) for precise bonding of substrata in microscopes (up to 6 inches). This allows for the analysis of individual integrated device components.