Excerpt from the examination regulations for the Engineering and Information Technologies Bachelor's degree program[status: April 14th, 2021]


§ 6 Admission to the Bachelor's thesis

Requirements necessary for the admission to the Bachelor’s thesis are:

a) all courses of the first three semesters are to be passed (and all courses of the first five semesters in the case of students to whom §3a applies).

b) the project is to be completed.

c) a minimum of 75 CrP are to be gathered from modules of the student’s field of specialization in the semesters 4 to 6 (and the semesters 6 to 8 in the case of students to whom §3a applies).

§ 7 Length and working time for the Bachelor’s thesis, colloquium

Students are to complete their Bachelor's thesis in 3 months. This includes the thesis' written elaboration as well as the preparation for the final colloquium, which consist of an oral presentation. The successful completion of the Bachelor's thesis rewards the student with 12 Credit Points. In the colloquium, the student must be present and defend his or her Bachelor's thesis scientifically. The colloquium's successful completion rewards students with 3 CrP. The colloquium's grade is then added to that of the Bachelor's thesis, in proportion to the awarded CrP. In general, the oral presentation is open to all, meaning anyone can attend it.

Before you begin with your Bachelor's thesis, the following requirements must be met:

  • All necessary prerequisites (i.e. completed exams, as per §6a) must be met. This must be confirmed by our department's secretary's office on the application for admission to the thesis.

  • You require a consultant and a co-consultant for the evaluation of the thesis' subject topic and its scientific adequacy. The professors confirm this by signing aforementioned application. This must be approved by the secretary's office beforehand.

  • The application for admission to the thesis must then be handed in to the secretary's office.

You can register for the presentation of your Bachelor’s thesis as part of the oral examination via: "BPP/Bachelor-seminary" Moodle course (password: BPP)