Excerpt from the examination regulations for the Engineering and Information Technologies Master's degree program Master's degree program [status: July 7th and August 19th, 2021]

§ 7 Master's thesis - Admission, working time, submission, grade

(1) Admission to the Master's thesis is only granted after all of the curriculum's modules have been completed, with the exception of a maximum of two modules.

(2) The "Master's Thesis" module consists of a project, which is to be documented in form of a written elaboration (Master's thesis) and subsequently defended in a colloquium. The Master's thesis rewards a total of 30 CrP, 10 CrP of which are attributed to the colloquium. The timeframe for the project with Master's thesis is 24 weeks.

(3) Additionally, the Master's thesis involves an abstract of adequate length which may be published by the EI or IEM department, depending on which department the thesis is written for. Refer to paragraph 18 of the general provisions (part I of the examination regulations).

(4) The "Master's thesis" module's score is based on the grading of the two module parts Master's thesis (written elaboration) and colloquium in proportion to the CrP awarded by each. Refer to §7 of the general provisions (part I of the examination regulations).

(5) If the Master's thesis is written for an external institution or organization, the individual supervision on THM's side is done by a professor of the respective Master's program from the EI or IEM department. Prior the beginning of the thesis, it must be agreed upon by the professor and then proposed to and approved by the examining body.

Before you begin with your Master's thesis, the following requirements must be met:

  • All necessary prerequisites (i.e. completed exams, as per §7-1) must be met. This must be confirmed by our department's secretary's office on the application for admission to the thesis.

  • You require a consultant and a co-consultant for the evaluation of the thesis' subject topic and its scientific adequacy. The professors confirm this by signing aforementioned application. This must be approved by the secretary's office beforehand.

  • The application for admission to the thesis must then be handed in to the secretary's office.

You can register for the presentation of your Master’s thesis as part of the oral examination via: "BPP/Bachelor-seminary" Moodle course (password: BPP)