Alexandra (22) is in her seventh semester of Automation Engineering (B.Eng.). Before that, she studied information and communications technologies. Alexandra has been toying with the idea of spending a year is the U.S. as an au pair after completing her bachelor’s degree.

kommasA lot more women should study engineering - it opens up a lot of possibilities!


Ever since I was a child, electrical engineering has piqued my interest. My father an engineer as well and explained to me how computers work when I was ten years old. At the same time, he warned me not to play around with it on my own so as not to damage anything. Today, I'm grownup and an EI student with the necessary experience.

I started out studying information and communications technologies. By now, I'm in my seventh semester of automation engineering - and I'm very happy with my decision. Even though some subject areas have been very difficult, they have always piqued my interest. I also have come in contact with a lot of nice people who motivated me during my studies.

As a female student you are treated as an equal by the EI department's male colleagues and professors. Once in a while you may hear things like: "It is nice that female students are not intimidated by engineering subjects" or "I'm always happy to see female students in my lectures." Some are also interested in hearing my motives for studying this particular subject.

Study groups usually consist of female and male students alike, helping each other out. Nevertheless you will get to know the majority of your female EI colleagues - since there are not that many. :)

I sincerely recommend to any woman - and man, too, of course - who is interested in this subject to study at THM's EI department. It helps if you already have some prior knowledge of the field, though. A lot more women should study engineering - it opens up a lot of possibilities!