Erhan (25) is in his seventh semester of Automation Engineering (B.Eng.) and is a member of our department's Robot Research Group M.A.M.U.T. He will tell you where to eat well during lunch break when you do not feel like eating at the university cafeteria once in a while.

kommasTürmchen, a restaurant at the market place, is famous for its delicious burgers!


Beginning your studies in an entirely new city - given this situation, it is already hard enough not to get lost. But, on top of that, there is also the following question: What does one eat - and where? Students spent most of their time at university with barely any time to spare inbetween lectures. Because of this, the university cafeteria is the go-to place for students.

But what if you want to try something new for a change? Giessen provides a lot of diversity if you want to decide for yourself what to eat and go out for dinner throughout the week.

Let’s begin with the recommendations only a short walk away from the THM, especially suitable for short lunch breaks:

Döner-Dreieck: The "kebab triangle" got its name from an intersection at Walltorstraße where various kebab shops are in close proximity to each other. The most popular are Turhan, Keyf-i Mangal and Mega Tandur.

Kim Phat: If you follow the road Wallortstraße to the market place, you will find Kim Phat on the right-hand side - an Asian restaurant popular for its noodles and exceptional sushi.

Subway: A local Subway restaurant is located directly at the marketplace.

Türmchen: The Türmchen is a café at the marketplace. Here you can get various kinds of salads, burgers or even breakfast. I highly recommend trying out their burgers. They are very delicious and popular. The Türmchen, however, is also quite a bit more expensive than your average fast food restaurant.

Visiting the following restaurants is a bit more time-consuming as it takes around 15 to 30 minutes to reach them on foot. I recommend them for longer, lecture-free lunch breaks:

  • Knolli (burger)
  • Nordsee (fish)
  • Kochlöffel (burger and chicken)
  • Gutburgerlich (burger)
  • Domino's Pizza (pizza)
  • Salädchen (salads and soups)
  • Mc Donald's (burger)
  • Konak (turkish cuisine)