From about mid-semester onward, surveys are handed out during the respective courses, affording our students the opportunity to evaluate the quality of our courses and teachers. Evaluation criteria include the respective course's structure (e.g.: Is a connection made between theory and practice?), the lecturer's presentation style (e.g.: Are the course's contents brought forth in a clear and concise manner?) and the student-teacher interaction (e.g.: Does the lecturer encourage the students to ask questions?).

The purpose of these surveys is to guarantee the quality of both our courses and teachers, as well as to further improve our department's and our university's degree programs via periodic evaluations. The results are then used as student feedback discussed with our students in the individual courses. Some of the results are also published on our website.

As a result, our current students both benefit from preceding evaluations and help future students by voicing their own opinions.

Additionally, students have the option to use our anonymous online suggestion box for any non-scheduled criticism and/or praise.