Electrical grids are becoming increasingly more reliable because of state-of-the-art systems engineering, built-in reserves and computer-based control systems. Within this complex interplay, our "Process Monitoring and Control" laboratory course (LET) focuses on control systems for process management – from the computer-based control systems’ structure and functionality to information transmission and control centers.

This practice-oriented laboratory course complements the theoretical fundamentals thaught in the corresponding lectures. A SCADA system, commonly utilized in the industries, is connected to a network simulation – providing our students with first-hand insight into the operation of electrical grids and the control system’s related tasks, functions and possibilities.

In laboratory experiments, students learn – step-by-step – about various subjects such as the monitoring of grids, switching operation for maintenance, short circuit and interference detection etc. This provides them with insight into state-of-the-art control systems as well as the operation of electrical grids.