M.A.M.U.T. Robotics


In summer 2015, the M.A.M.U.T. working group (Mobile Autonomous Modular Universal Technology; the acronym is German for mammoth) was founded at our Electrical Engineering and Information Technology department, with the goal of developing a large mobile robot capable of handling fully automatic planting and watering of desert areas.

The robot system consists of a mobile base, two battery modules and various work modules depending on the job to be done. This system is constantly being further developed in collaboration with other THM departments and a team from Justus Liebig University Giessen.

Currently under development is a CAD model of the robot, as well as newly-conceptualized components. The robot system's distinctive features lie in its long battery life (via exchangeable battery modules) and a wide range of applications (interchangeable work modules). As a result, the robot system is to be used in scenarios in which it can unfold its strengths adequately.

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in the working group. We welcome everyone willing to support the project. Further information about the working group's meetings can be found in the "THM RoboTeam" Moodle course.

The meeting point and workroom of M.A.M.U.T. is located in A10.6.23.