M.A.M.U.T. Robotics

zMAMUTkleinWelcome to the website of M.A.M.U.T.-Robotics!

We are a student research group mainly focused on the design, development and deployment of mobile robots. The working group consists of members from the departments of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and information technology. Together we work on two main projects:

M.A.M.U.T. Robot
This robot is the namesake of our working group. It all started with this idea in 2015. In the future, the robot should be able to plant autonomously in needy landscapes.

The EUROBOT is an international championship where autonomous robots developed by different teams compete against each other. We regularly participate in the annual championship in order to measure ourselves against and learn from the other teams.

In addition to these main projects, on which we all work together, each of us has his/her own technology projects. Furthermore, we are regularly represented at trade fairs and from time to time we organize trips and workshops.

If you want to realize your own project in the area of robotics, or if you want to participate in our existing projects, you are at the right place. No matter if in terms of an evaluated project work or just for fun. We do not expect any specific knowledge, the main criteria are fun and interest to learn new things.

We meet regularly in room A10.6.23. Just stop by, or contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..