Raspberry Pi

As part of our project week, which takes place once every semester, we organize a Raspberry Pi workshop. All students, staff and lecturers from all of THM's departments -  male and female alike - are invited to participate.

During this time, the workshop participants learn the fundamentals of Raspberry Pi, which they also learn to utilize directly via small demo application. A basic grasp of technology is enough to participate in the workshop. Rudimentary programming skills are helpful, but not necessary.

At first, we provide a short introduction to the LINUX operating system (Raspbian) in order to understand and utilize basic LXTerminal commands. We then go on to further this knowledge by taking a look at the foundations of the programming languages C, Python, Basic and Bash-Script - primarily used to program Rasperry Pis. The participants write small test programs in each of the aforementioned programming languages.

Throughout the workshop you have enough spare time to participate in guided projects or to follow your own ideas - and to build the underlying electrical circuits.