Marc BraunSession Title: Procedural generation technology in Game developement

In this talk I will display the technology we have developed to procedurally generate a game world. I will start by explaining the philosophy behind our tech. Then I will talk about the various modules that are needed to create a world using a fully procedural, biome based approach. I will explain the modules in detail, how they are interconnected and how that information is used further down the creation toolchain.

Personal background:

Marc started at Softgold in 1995 as Associate Producer on “X – beyond the frontier” and moved on to coordinate Production between US and Europe when THQ acquired the company in 1997. Afterwards he switched to Conspiracy Entertainment in 1999 and produced a series of titles based on movie licenses. He focused on development of MMORPG Shadowbane until 2003 and got some mobile Experience working with Jamba! which he used to found his own mobile Studio in 2004. This was closed in 2010 to work as Producer in Bigpoint’s mobile Division. After closure of that division Marc went to work for Blue Byte in 2013 where he produced “Anno – Build an Empire”. Beginning of 2017 he started to work on a project aiming to producer game content procedurally.

Favourite Game:

"Der Clou" von Neo


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