Studying at the faculty of health sciences means delving into the world of the healthcare system together, particularly in the fields of medicine, healthcare, management, informatics and engineering.  

Therefore, we combine long-established study foci with new programmes, which will be offered in the coming semesters.
Medical Informatics is a long-standing focus. Nowadays, most processes in the healthcare sector are based on IT systems. The faculty of health sciences provides an exclusive academic education in this very popular working area. We are the only university in Hesse that offers a Medical Informatics Bachelor's and Master's program. The occupational profile is characterized by contributions to healthcare processes using IT tools. Hence, jobs at hospitals, at registered doctors' practices, health insurance funds, as well as software manufacturers are possible. Our students have very good career prospects. Examplary and course-specific contents include: medicine, informatics, data protection and data security, medical documentation.

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Generally, all study courses are subdivided into general and specific modules.

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All study courses (undergraduate and postgraduate) are designed in full time. Normally, bachelor's programs take six to seven semesters and master's programs take three to four semesters.