Bachelor's Programs

Bachelor's degree programs at the faculty of health sciences are designed to allow direct career entries. Therefor, subjects that are necessary to meet the demanding healthcare challenges are tought with both theoretical and practical expertise in mind. The degree program's are laid-out to take 6 to 7 semesters, depending on the branch of study. They enable graduates to continue their studies in a master's program. Practical slant and internships are a hallmark of all our degree programs to prepare our graduates as well as possible for their professional lives. This is done in close cooperation with regionals hospitals and health care providers. Our teaching Hospital for medical informatics and biomedical engineering, the BDH Klinik Braunfels, is unique to germany as a whole. Our practice-oriented concepts and renown drive your career opportunities following a graduation.

Additional information is provided with the study program pages (please follow the links)

Medical Informatics

Medical Informatics graduates support and model healthcvare processes using IT toolsets. This includes, for example, the development of Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Health Records, as well as developing new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Medical Management

We continually observe the healthcare professional environment and keep developing new degree programs to provide you and patients with a great future!

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