Medical Informatics Bachelor


Bachelor's program Medical Informatics

Medical Informatics graduates support and model healthcare processes using IT toolsets. This includes, for example, the development of Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Health Records, as well as developing new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Medical Informatics graduates will work as specialized service providers or consultants. Prospective employers may be hospitals, resident physicians, health insurance funds, manufacturers or software providers.
We educate flexible all-rounders in the field of Medical Informatics.
A career with plenty of perspective!

Course beginning and duration of study

You can start in winter semester as well as in summer semester. The regular study period is six semesters.
You will find additional information about enrollment in the Medical Informatics degree program and current deadlines can be found in the corresponding section of this page.


The program ends with acquiring the academic degree Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.).
After graduating, you can enter post-graduate education like our four-semester master's program Medical Informatics, which leads to the academic degree Master of Science (M. Sc.).

Study program