The Master’s program is subdivided into the following topic areas:

  • Informatics
  • Applied Medical Research
  • IT and Medical Device Development
  • Social Skills and Management

The Medical Informatics Master offers pools of core elective subjects. This allows the master Students to study independently and according to their personal areas of interest. Each Student choses a supervising professor (mentor), who will support study planning regarding the student’s individual prior knowledge. This allows an optimal preparation for the development project (‘Entwicklungsprojekt’), which they will pass independently in the third semester. Usually, this project will be performed in cooperation with research institutions, hospitals or companies. Thereby, students learn the transfer of knowledge from theory into practice. This includes the application of knowledge and methods of Medical Informatics, as well as social aspects like judgment formation and organization. The development project forms the basis for the Master thesis in the final semester.


The federal state Hessen is in special situation in the area of healthcare: it has 150 hospitals and more than 900 practicing doctors. In contrast, the University of Applied Sciences (THM) is the only university in Hessen, which represents Medical Informatics regarding research and teaching.

The ‘Medical Region Mid-Hessen’ including the local university hospitals and the strongly represented medical technology industry form a basis for the practice and research orientated education. The close integration with clinical research in local hospitals and with university research groups cause the scientific focus, which prepares the students for a possible doctoral thesis. Additionally, the nationally unique teaching hospital for Medical Informatics and Biomedical Engineering in Braunfels allows the necessary transfer of practical experience. Thus, we integrate clinical routines in all training periods.

Study Program

In the following, all courses are listed. The number of semester periods per week and the number of credit points are given for the particular subject. Further information are available in the module manual and in the examination regulations. 


HpW = Semesterwochenstunden
CrP/ECTS = Creditpoints